Resources for People Displaced by the War in Ukraine and Seeking Safety in the United States

Links to useful Internet resources related to immigration law, social, educational, and employment services, as well as donation opportunities for people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Immigration Information and Legal Aid


Resources for Refugees and Asylum-seekers

The Ukrainian Bar Association Hotline

Free legal assistance only in Ukrainian.  People can submit their questions and the questions are then automatically directed to attorney volunteers in the relevant subject matter.

Emerald Isle Immigration Center

Provides legal assistance — can file TPS and offer any form of relief that has been approved and announced — at no cost for applicants living in NYC.

US State Department

Information for nationals of Ukraine

TPS Pro Bono Project for Ukraine

Provides pro bono legal assistance to Ukrainian nationals filing their I-821s and applying for TPS

Ukraine Immigration Task Force

Legal resources, policy advocacy, and guidance for immigration attorneys and Ukrainians fleeing war.

Liya Djamilova’s Telegram

An experienced immigration lawyer in Seattle, WA posting regular updates to the law and practice for people from Ukraine and other post-soviet countries.

Public Benefits and Government Assistance

Benefits for Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, Office of Refugee Resettlement

Ukrainian Humanitarian Parolees Eligible for ORR Benefits and Services

Office of Refugee Resettlement: Policy Letter

Public Benefits for Displaced Ukrainians

Presentation by Maria Hunter (NYLAG)

Chart of Benefits for Displaced Ukrainians

Maria Hunter (NYLAG)

Medical Assistance Programs for Immigrants in Various States

National Immigration Law Center

Assistance in the United States

Coordination Council for Refugees

A non-profit focused on helping refugees fleeing the war find the resources to lead normal productive lives in a new place.

Nova Ukraine

Quick searchable resources for Ukrainians arriving in the U.S.

International Rescue Committee

Temporary housing, legal aid, psychological support, job support, and community integration support.

JCH Bensonhurst

Material assistance, social services support, assistance with job/housing search. Brooklyn, New York.

Emerald Isle Immigration Center

Social, educational, and employment services. Queens & The Bronx.


The information and resource hub for Ukrainian newcomers and their sponsors in the United States.

Assistance in Ukraine and Donation Opportunities

Direct Help for Ukraine

A grassroots, volunteer effort, offers several ways to donate funds and supplies that provide immediate support to those on the ground in Ukraine.

Razom for Ukraine

Razom responded to the invasion by providing critical humanitarian war relief and recovery depending on the most urgent needs as they evolve.

Cash for Refugees

These volunteers are operating on the ground in Siret, Romania, providing hard currency directly to refugees as they cross the border.

Ukraine Trust Chain

Ukraine Trust Chain brings aid and evacuations to Ukrainians in the active war zone, through our 100% peer-vetted volunteer networks on the ground.


A resource for US-based individuals and organizations who want to support Ukrainians arriving to the United States.

My Ukrainians

Connecting families in Ukraine with families around the world who want to support them during and after the war.

Canadian Resources


Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel

How to Apply for a Visitor Visa and Open Work Permit
to Travel to Canada from Ukraine

Canadian Bar Association

Lawyers in the CBA Immigration Law Section provide legal consultations and advice, without charge, to individuals affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

Information for Ukrainians About Resettlement in Canadian Provinces

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