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Welcome.US has Launched its Matching Portal through which Americans can be Connected with Ukrainians Seeking Refuge


Beginning Wednesday, June 22th, individuals can access Welcome Connect and build a sponsor profile. 

Before a profile is added to the pool of sponsors, individuals are asked to complete training modules that explain what sponsorship entails – covering topics from financial preparation to community support. Then they fill out a profile about themselves, including details about their community. In July, sponsors may begin to be contacted when a Ukrainian beneficiary wishes to connect with them.


Beginning Wednesday, June 29th, Ukrainians will be able to access Welcome Connect to build profiles in addition to receiving safety information.  

In July, Ukrainians will be able to browse through listings of sponsors and reach out if they want to chat with someone. Sponsors won’t be able to see a beneficiary’s profiles until they’re contacted, keeping the agency of choice with the Ukrainian beneficiary.

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